Reactful + RollWorks

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A powerful dynamic web channel content engagement and conversion solution.

Now, with Reactful and RollWorks, marketers will be able to better engage, guide, and convert their website visitors from the moment prospects reach their site with real-time insights into target accounts to power web personalization.

Boost engagement and conversions by leveraging Reactful’s AI-driven technology and RollWorks’ highly-actionable data to deliver a hyper-targeted website experience and detect intent from a visitor to your site in real-time. Best of all, Reactful allows digital marketers and demand gen teams to be agile and regain control of their website by launching and updating dynamic content powered campaigns at any time (without requiring coding or changes to their website).

Key benefits:

  • Create a seamless buyer journey by campaign, audience, channel, industry, company size, location, etc.
  • Conduct full funnel experimentation optimizing all digital assets with one solution
  • Measure the quality of brand awareness traffic based on website engagement and optimize paid campaigns accordingly
  • Increase Organic and Paid conversion rates by creating highly targeted and personalized online experiences at scale

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