Opensense + RollWorks


RollWorks and Opensense unify campaign messages across display and email channels.

This powerful combination adds an engagement channel to run powerful account-based programs that can seamlessly be orchestrated within RollWorks. Now marketers can share the same message with audiences across digital display advertising and email campaigns and sequence their messages based on where audiences are in their buying journey. Features of the integration include:

  • Simple setup. Easily link your RollWorks and Opensense account with just a few clicks.
  • Seamless orchestration. Run unified messages to target audiences across web, social and email - all within the RollWorks platform.
  • Easy campaign management. Centrally manage all your ad campaigns and target audiences in one place.

By linking Opensense and RollWorks, marketing teams can feel confident that every email interaction converts into a valuable digital impression by providing an email signature banner solution.

With the Opensense and RollWorks Account-Based Platform integration (starting at $3/user per month*) your marketing team will be able to:
  • Unify Messaging. Send the same message to the same audiences across display, social, and email channels.
  • Increase Engagement. Reach your audiences across channels to improve overall engagement and drive more action.
  • Sequence messaging. Run relevant ads based on target audiences’ engagement signals and stage in their buying process.
*Note: Although the integration is available at no additional cost, customers need paid subscriptions for both RollWorks and Opensense to activate.

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