Marketo Engage + RollWorks


Discover and Engage Known and Unknown Buyers with Marketo and RollWorks

The Marketo Engage + RollWorks integration allows ambitious B2B marketers to close more deals faster by identifying high-value accounts, engaging the buying committees within those accounts throughout the buyer’s journey, and measuring the impact on pipeline and revenue growth. Using RollWorks’ machine learning custom models and B2B database of over 20 million accounts and 330 million contacts, customers are able to easily scale their account-based strategies.

Unleash the power of RollWorks + Marketo:

  • Engage KNOWN and UNKNOWN decision-makers - Reach known Marketo audiences with display and social ads, even if they never open an email. Also, influence members of the buying committee you don’t have email addresses for.
  • Coordinate marketing and sales plays - Provide air cover and ensure the same messaging across channels.
  • Shorten sales cycle - Nurture accounts through the funnel faster with hyper-personalized ad campaigns.
  • Show off your impact directly in Marketo - Align teams instantaneously around which accounts are most engaged and which campaigns are driving the most pipeline and revenue.

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