RollWorks Account-Based Platform seamlessly integrates with HubSpot

Now B2B companies of any size can fill the demand gap by targeting accounts with HubSpot lists and digital advertising.

Whether you’re a marketing team of 2 or 200, our HubSpot integration makes it even easier to be more account-based. You can now sync your static HubSpot email lists directly into RollWorks to create advertising audiences.

Adding HubSpot to the RollWorks Starter Package provides marketing and sales teams of all sizes an optimized end-to-end account-based solution starting at less than $1,000 per month.

Key benefits:

  • Use HubSpot’s pre-built ABM Lists to segment contacts into target accounts
  • Create dynamic digital advertising campaigns for maximum impact
  • Engage your targeted HubSpot audiences across channels with dynamic digital ad campaigns
  • Easily view ad campaign performance reporting right within HubSpot
  • Align marketing and sales with RollWorks ad performance reports and dashboards directly in HubSpot

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“The ease of use in tapping audiences from HubSpot combined with RollWorks’ targeting, data and measurement capabilities allows us to prioritize and prove ROI, which is fundamental to our business growth. The integration offers end-to-end funnel visibility for our ABM efforts; from an account’s first ad impression to a closed deal.”

—Shrimithran Mithran, Pipeline Marketing Manager Chargebee


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