Find out why hundreds of customers are using RollWorks to power ABM programs with their HubSpot data

Now B2B companies of any size can execute ABM at scale using HubSpot data.

Using the RollWorks + HubSpot integration makes it even easier to be more account-based.

The integration is activated through HubSpot’s certified RollWorks ABM app, a bidirectional data connector and the only app certified to an ABM provider, that helps Marketing and Sales teams put ABM in action by importing dynamic HubSpot CRM audiences to RollWorks, identifying and engaging high priority target accounts through full funnel digital advertising and exporting the performance data back to HubSpot.

Additionally, with RollWorks Sales Insights for HubSpot, you can identify accounts spiking in engagement and alert your sales teams for outreach.

Key Benefits:

RollWorks allows you to easily convert your target account lists into dynamic prioritized known and unknown target audiences based on fit, intent and engagement signals, engage them through personalized digital ads and export performance metrics and account-level data back to HubSpot:

  • Identify
    • Dynamically sync HubSpot contact lists and segment contacts into target accounts
    • Augment HubSpot company lists with RollWorks machine learning-based scoring and prioritization 
    • Use Sales Insights to identify accounts spiking in engagement
  • Engage
    • Target known and unknown contacts with digital ads
    • Prioritize in-market accounts with digital ads
    • Leverage Sales Insights to alert sales teams of spiking accounts with contact-level details so they can prioritize and personalize outreach
  • Measure
    • View account-level advertising and website engagement metrics, and account list, group and Journey Stage membership from RollWorks in HubSpot and activate against that data in HubSpot
    • Create custom reports and/or dashboards to align marketing and sales teams on performance against target accounts
    • With Sales Insights, access Journey Events within HubSpot for a timeline of engagement activities and intent throughout the account buying journey
Join over 500 customers who have leveraged the RollWorks and HubSpot integration to power their account-based strategies.

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See what our customers are saying

“The RollWorks and HubSpot integration has kicked our marketing and sales alignment into gear. The prospects generated from all of our marketing activities get pulled into HubSpot automatically, where we then narrow our target list to sync with RollWorks. Now, I can make a stronger case for going a certain direction based on the dollars at work on the platform. And I can show our CEO exactly where those dollars are being spent.”

—Katie McCauley, Marketing Manager snapfulfil-1.png

“The ease of use in tapping audiences from HubSpot combined with RollWorks’ targeting, data and measurement capabilities allows us to prioritize and prove ROI, which is fundamental to our business growth. The integration offers end-to-end funnel visibility for our ABM efforts; from an account’s first ad impression to a closed deal.”

—Shrimithran Mithran, Pipeline Marketing Manager Chargebee

“We are currently using RollWorks for 3 programs: to retarget website visitors; to retarget based on intent data; and to directly target an ABM list. We have the integration with HubSpot set up and I use lead scoring to dynamically create the ABM list which auto-synchs to RollWorks. I can also see in HubSpot what accounts are being retargeted, etc. This program takes some time and mind muscle to optimize and I'm grateful for my account manager Victoria who is amazing!”

—Britt Davies, VP of Marketing and Goverlan Reach Goverlan Reach


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