Bombora + RollWorks

Combine Account Fit with Account Intent data to prioritize the right accounts.

RollWorks partnered with Bombora, the leading intent data provider, in order to deliver the Account Intent feature and Bombora’s patented Company Surge ® to RollWorks customers. Account Intent within the RollWorks Identification solutions uniquely measures intent signals across many data and content sources and establishes a baseline of activity for specific accounts. It allows customers to identify accounts that are actively researching a product or service with the intent to buy, allowing organizations to be even more hyper-targeted in their marketing.

Features include:

  • Identify target accounts early in their buying journey before they directly engage, and act when research increases on specific topics
  • Prioritize ad spend and use a campaign playbook that focuses ad targeting on accounts with market potential and strong intent signals
  • Effectively engage high intent accounts with customized digital ad experiences based on their research behavior and content consumption patterns
  • Measure the impact of intent-based targeting, comparing high intent accounts to others in pipeline

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