Intellimize + RollWorks


​​Run smarter personalized experiences for website visitors at scale and optimize conversions across your ABM initiatives.

Make every marketing dollar count by combining Intellimize Continuous Conversion™ + RollWorks for a more cohesive campaign experience with all engagements optimized toward a conversion goal enabling better, faster business results.

By leveraging the RollWorks and Intellimize integration, you can personalize the entire experience for each website visitor to convert more, faster.

Using intelligent machine learning, your personalization is scaled taking into account your ever changing audience and their contextual differences in real-time. It empowers you to optimize these variations toward your conversion goals (sign-ups, sales, downloads, etc) and is constantly working to learn and improve.

With the RollWorks + Intellimize integration, mutual customers can:
  • Use firmographic and / or RollWorks account-level data to dynamically hyper-personalize website experiences
  • Deliver a consistent, compelling brand experience across display ads, chat and websites at scale
  • Spend marketing dollars wisely while increasing ABM impact using first party engagement data

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