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How PitchBook increased conversions more than 200%

With coordinated account-based plays

A lot has been said about marketing and sales alignment, but the team at PitchBook data knows how it’s actually done. Come see how they use an account-based approach to run coordinated marketing and sales plays that have driven huge quarter-over-quarter wins.

Maddy Seltzer, Account Based Marketing Manager at PitchBook, will show us how she and the team:
  • Align with sales on everything, including how accounts are routed to reps
  • Develop marketing campaigns and offers that support sales outreach
  • Use account-based advertising and gifting to lift performance across other channels
Join us for this interactive conversation between Maddy and Kaitlin Bellay, Head of Channel Marketing at LinkedIn, and learn how you can align your teams around ABM.

Webinar Date:
April 22, 2021

Webinar Time:


Maddy Seltzer, Account Based Marketing Manager, Pitchbook

Kaitlin Bellay, Head of Channel Marketing, LinkedIn

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